Saturday, September 4, 2010

connor was a awsome help for my dad.

so I got the pictures backwards but you will still get the idea. Connor and my dad cleaned out the garage that was turned into a chicken coop. in the mean time, my mom wanted the girls to paint the loft in the barn so they could have a play area. They were excited to do it. It started out very clean and they were carefull not to get any paint anywhere else. I was unpacking for mom so i didn't stay they whole time to watch. who needs to watch them anyways? I come back later and was joking and told them they better be making a big mess of themselves. and i guess they must have read my mind cause they got so messy. when they were done, I tried to spray off the paint but it had dried on. It took some scrubbing with hot soapy water to get it mostly off. then i put them in the tub and the paint in their hair wouldn't come out. so put some oil in their hair and it mostly came out, although the next day was sunday and they went to church with really greasy hair. oil and water don't mix to well huh?

Friday, October 2, 2009

here are random pics. Pictures this yr was a little harder. nobody wanted them! but we got some good ones. i have to find them first.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Court of Honor

Here is Connor getting his Marit Badges. I was trying to put in order but you know how my skills are
Congrads to all the boys!!!!

here are a couple of random pics while I was waiting for Court of Honor to start.

Here are the 11 Yr old scouts Andrew and Reece

Boy scouts, Susie, Drake, Payton, Austin, and Jordon

And I had to add the men

And this is all the boys getting ready to start

Thursday, July 23, 2009


so...I was playing with my camera and made wierd faces.

Blue speghetti for dinner. wierd huh?

Camping at Thousand Trails

Just got back from going camping at thousand trails. We went with the Conrads and yes there were no men there and we survived! 2 adults and 9 kids. The first day we all went swimming, didn't think the power would go out and couldn't swim the other days so, no pics of that. They loved that part though. There were other things to do like golfing, face painting, craft time(which was lame), noodle fights, fingernails or makeup for the girls, games, camp fires.... you know there are lots of things to do. Andrew and Connor rode there bike all the time. I'm sure susie will be more detailed on everthing. We had a good time. I would have put more pics on but my patience for wait is small right now.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Sam's all girl friendship party!

sam had a friendship party. They played games, made friendship braclets and had water balloon fights. It was pretty low key but it seemed they had fun.